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The Vizsla has been increasing in popularity over the last 23 years when we bred our first litter in 1999 there were just a handful of breeders and very few litters bred everyone knew who everyone was it was a small community.
Nowdays we see adverts on the free adds breeders who have no knowledge of the breed churning out puppies just to make a sale and moving on to the next breed as quick as they can.

This sadly means many vizslas are sold into unsuitable homes causing heartache for all concerned.

So do you think you are the right person for a vizsla? hers some facts to think over-

  • The vizsla ouzes beauty and intelligence so it easy to see why people are attracted to them.

  • The Vizsla is a hunt point and retrieve gundog although they do make good pets in the right hands owners should be aware that they are bred as a gundog and their needs as such must be met wether through field work or a mentally challenging home  environment.

  • There is no such thing as a pet bred Vizsla the hunting instinct is hardwired in their genetics from generations back

  • Vizsla`s are lively and energetic they are bred to work out in the field and not to tire easily you will never tire a Vizsla running them they will simply get fitter, it is more about getting them to use their brains, think Chess not Rugby.

  • Vizsla`s are intelligent capable of learning  quickly this has both good and bad points it makes them easy to train for obedience but it also makes them capable of understanding who they can get away with what with and manipulating household members and training them to fulfil the Vizsla`s demands!

  • The Vizsla is also quite a mouthy and bousterious breed wich can cause issues with small children.


To own a Vizsla preferably you should have experience of owning a dog , We don't consider the Vizsla the ideal dog for a first time dog owner as they can be quite challenging so if you are considering owning a Vizsla for your first dog do please make sure you spend plenty of time dicussing what to expect with a breeder before commiting while not impossible to do it is hard and you should ensure you have the correct support.


Before embarking on ownerhip you should ensure your able to dedicate your time to on-going positive training and providing mental stimulation for a high intelligence dog who will turn his attention to being vocal and destructive  and naughty if bored, they dont come with an off button so expect this to involve some serious lifestyle changes.

If you have a young family do please consider if you genuinely have time to fulfil the dogs needs as well as caring for your children, as failure to do so will result in a lot of heartache for all involved its sadly all to common to see Vizslas requiring rehoming because they  mouth children and children are afraid of them.



The Vizsla moults he/she is not hypoallergenic! his coat can still irritate asthma or pet allergies.

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