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Bringing your bitch to stud

The first step is to ensure your bitch is a healthy good natured vizsla she must not have previously had an autoimmune disorder or seizure.

You need to check if your bitch carries breeding restrictions on her pedigree you can find these on you UK kennel club document.

If under the section headed endorsements it says R- Progeny not for registration then your dog carries a breeding endorsement on her pedigree and you will require your dogs breeder to remove it.

Once you have approval to breed you need to start thinking of health testing your bitch should be hip scored as a minimum this is done under a GA or sedation by a vet you are advised to find a vet experienced in scoring as the quality of the x-rays taken can impact your dogs score.

You are recommend to consider having your dogs elbows scored at the same time while not mandatory at present it could become so at anytime meaning as second GA for your bitch.

Once the x-rays are taken they are sent to the BVA for official scoring this can take up to 12 weeks so do allow plenty of time.

Your bitch will require her eyes testing for Glaucoma the test is called gonioscopy and is performed by a specialist BVA panelist this entails a small lens being placed in the eye and the eye specialist will visually check the eyes drainage for signs of disease , the eye will then be graded 0-3 the grade is based on the score of the worst eye dog with grades 0-2 are breedable.

you can find your local eye specialist here

You should also  DNA test for the following unless your bitch is clear by parentage.

  • Hyperuricosuria / Urate Stones (HUU, SLC)  

  • Neonatal Cortical Cerebellar Abiotrophy

  • ECLE

  • Long haired gene

these test can be ordered from


Once all the health testing is out of the way and your bitch is booked in with one of our Stud dogs it becomes a waiting game for her to come into season 1 to season begins you should count day one from the first day that you see bleeding do be vigilant sometimes bleeding is not that obvious in the first day or two.
8 to 10 days from the first bleeding you should take your bitch for an ovulation test this is a progesterone test we recommend only using the test that give you a reading in Nmol or Ng rather than the tests that give you a colour indication.
The result of the test will tell us when your bitch is likely to be mated you will need to be told that a second test is required or you will be given an approximate number of days of which to take your bitch to Stud if you ask for the results and you’re unsure we should be able to advise you on this.
Once you are the green Light to proceed You will arrange an appointment to come to our house in Sutton Bonington for a mating  with the chosen a stud dog generally this should be a non-stressful time occasionally bitches can be a little nervous or upset but we will be there to help and advise you
we do ask you not to bring children with you it is not an appropriate environment for children.
You can choose to either make sure bitch on one occasion or to repeat the mating again 48 hours later again we would advise you which days are best to come depending on the package you have chosen.
Stud fee is payable at the first mating and it includes up to 2 mating's 48 hours apart.
Should a pregnancy fail to result from these meetings you will be offered the same service in return next time the bitch comes in season
Subject to availability and occasionally we may have to offer an alternative dog of equal quality that is compatible if for any reason the original stud dog is unavailable but we will always do our best to ensure we accommodate you.
Pregnancy can be detected 30 days from your last mating
You are relatively local to us you are welcome to bring your bitch to us for a free ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy.
I will be on hand to give you advice throughout the pregnancy however we are not veterinary surgeons and will not issue veterinary advice.
As part of the service we provide you will have the opportunity to print things such as sales contracts and Puppy care booklets directly from our  website .

We recommend buying Kay whites book of the bitch  or  similar

you will find it useful to read 

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