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Ovulation Testing and results

We recommend those travelling or who are not familiar with their bitches cycle  to test for ovulation to cut out wasted trips and avoid stress to the bitch.
A bitch will only conceive on the days when she is fertile sadly this is not something we can control and it isn't the same for every bitch  we have seen bitches fertile from day 7 to 32  From the first sign of bleeding.

Some vets offer in house testing others can just draw blood for you to send away to iddex

Your vet can take the blood sample required and you can ship it special delivery making it efficient.

You can do the first progesterone test on around the 7th-9th day of her season.

Possible results are-

Below 1.0 ng/ml (3.18nmol/L)  - 2.0 ng/ml (6.36nmol/L) - Advise re test again in 2  days

2.0(6.36nmol/L) to 4.9 ng/ml (12.72nmol/L) Advise Test again in 24 hours until you achieve 5.5ng/ml or above

5.0 (15.9nmol/L) -5.5ng/ml (17.4nmol/L) OVULATION IS OCCURRING- Take to stud to breed In 2-3 Days time

11 (34.9nmol/L) to 19 ng/ml(60.4nmol/L) - MATE NOW- this is when you bring your bitch too us for mating

OVER 20 ng/ml(63.6nmol/L) - Ovulation has finished if receptive breeding can take place but chances are reduced.


Important  note please only use blood tests that measure progesterone in Nmol or Ng 

Tests that work on a colour change chart are not as accurate.

Cytology is another way of determining ovulation Vaginal swabs are taken a intervals to pin point ovulation.
Cytology is as good as the person reading the slide so please contact us for a recommended clinic in your area.
Alternatively we offer a Cytology  by mail service.


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