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Alabama Rot

Alabama rot, otherwise known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), is a disease affecting dogs by causing damage to the skin and kidney's blood vessels. This can cause small blood clots to form resulting in blockages that can lead to damage of the affected tissue.
It can cause renal failure and be fatal.
It affects all breeds and dogs of all ages but the vizsla does seem to be highly represented amongst affected dogs.

We are unfortunate enough to have experienced the loss of two dogs the first an 8 year old male dog who went undiagnosed as the rot was hardly heard of back in 2012.
The second was a fit and well 18 month old dog again at the time of death the post mortem revealed no concrete diagnoses it was only later when reviewed by Anderson Moores that we finally new it was Alabama rot.

During the period we lost our dogs they were being walked in new planted wood and pond area.

While there is no direct proof there has been research into the relationship between muddy woodlands and the disease so you are strongly advised to always wash your dogs after a walk.


The cause is unknown there is no vaccine or reliable cure.

symptoms are 

skin lesions these can be small and inside the mouth or between the toes.



blood test reveal impaired renal function.

Anderson Moores are researching this disease detailed information can be found on their website and by downloading information using the the direct link buttons below

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