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Futaki horns are skin appendages found upon the ears of the Vizsla.
They look like a skin tag and can vary in size and location.
They can appear more prominent in puppies as the ears are disproportionately large at that age.
Their existence is surrounded in all kinds of mythology it is to be said that they indicated a superior hunting dog and they were unique to the Vizsla.
Evidence does of course contradicts this not every Vizsla with horns is a good hunter!

They are also seen in other short haired breeds such as Weimaraner's, GSP and Doberman’s 

It should also be pointed out that the horns are in no way a medical condition or detrimental to a dog in any way inclusive of showing and breeding in fact some of the top producing show dogs out there have a impressive set of these appendages 

They do not need removing or any special treatment.

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