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Rescue and rehoming

We offer a rehoming service for dog we have bred and we can assist in finding new homes for dogs of any age.
Our emphasis is on rehoming,  We do not sell dogs for people,  Dogs that are put up for rehoming through us are done so without any financial recompense for their owners. 

Rescues/rehomes are generally family pets  some may have behavioural issues that need addressing, others have become available through no fault of their own
Rescues are not suitable for breeding, showing or gundog work, dogs of that calibre are generally sold as such not rehomed.

If you are in need of help rehoming your dog please give us a call 01509 672066 (please leave a message)  or drop us a Email


We ask that people not to confuse us with the Hungarian Vizsla welfare charity 

 We are private breeder offering a rehoming service and have no affiliation to the Hungarian Vizsla welfare charity if you are looking to contact them please call Sue Millson 01892 834178 .

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