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pre collection checklist

  1. Apply for your free puppy food from natural instinct this will be the diet you will need to feed your puppy when he or she gets home please open an account before applying you will have received an e-mail with a voucher number on to apply.

  2. Make sure you have plans for continuation of insurance if you are choosing not to continue the insurance supplied by us

  3. Book your veterinary appointment for your second vaccination when your puppy is 10 weeks old not before.

  4. Book any puppy training classes you wish to attend.

  5. Make sure you have logged into your microchip account and change your password if appropriate checking that the details for your puppy are correct.

  6. You have a safe crate to carry your puppy home in, A seat belt harness is not suitable for a puppy.

  7. Ensure you have packed cleaning essentials in your car to clean up any accidents that may happen on the way home we would suggest wipes and gloves at a bare minimum.

  8. Plan your route home if you are travelling a long distance and you need to take your puppy out the car this should not be done at a service station service stations are very dirty places as regards puppies and the most likely source of collecting and infection it is much better to find somewhere off the beaten track to stop.

  9. If you are using a crate make sure this is set up in place at home before collecting your puppy.

  10. Arrange care for any other dogs in your household it is not suitable to introduce them at our property and then expect them to travel together you should introduce them at home in a mutually safe place once the puppy has settled in.

  11. Check the shopping list featured on this website to ensure that you have everything that you need for your puppy before collection.

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