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Feeding your puppy is probably one of the most greatly discussed subjects.

It is certainly true that you get out what you put in. The quality of the food that you feed will have a direct impact on the health and well-being of your dog. Some of the benefits of good food or immediately visible, such as shiny, glossy coat and healthy-looking animal. Others are hidden from view. Such as correct skeletal growth? And. Healthy immune system.

We choose to feed our puppies a raw diet, reason for this is it is very much as nature intended.

They receive raw food with no added bulk or unnecessary additives.

There really is no alternative to raw feeding. No matter how good the kibble, it is always refined and that is where the problem starts.

Your puppies are reared on. A complete raw food for simplicity. This enables you simply to defrost the food and account the right amount into the bowl for your dog. There is no mixing or worrying about the correct balances of bone, meat and offal.

The amount of food given is one of the biggest questions always asked. How much should I feed my puppy? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this every puppy will have different needs, like with humans they are growing at different rates, They have different exercise regimes.

A good starting point is to feed your Puppy 6% of their current weight. This should be used as a starting guide used alongside a Body condition score chart.

 A body conditioning score chart is a chart that shows the ideal weight of a dog you will have received one in your puppy pack.

 So you should be looking at your dog on a daily basis and looking for signs that he is becoming under or overweight and adjusting his food accordingly.

Signs of an underweight dog are prominent hip and backbones narrow looking shoulders and excessively visible ribs other than the last rib.

Probably the first sign you are over feeding a dog is excessive and loose stools, raw fed dogs tend to go to the toilet less often and their stools are firm and easy to pick up.


If you are a person who is unable to feed raw diet the best alternative is a cooked meat such as the Forthglade meat trays you will have received a voucher in your puppy pack for Forthglade.

You can transition your puppy onto Forthglade meat from around two weeks after collection this just gives them time to settle into your environment before changes are made you should begin changing them literally a spoon at a time increasing the amount daily until you are feeding 100% of the new diet.

When choosing your variety of Forthglade we find the grain free seems to suit both West highland white and Hungarian Vizslas best and at adult hood the West highland white seemed to thrive on the fish based foods.

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