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We are proud to be able to offer our three fully health tested proven and experienced as dogs at stud.

 We have over 25 years experience in breeding.

Katy is also qualified in all aspects of canine fertility and is able to perform Cytology and ultrasound scanning.

As an experienced stud handler we utilise fertility testing to ensure your female is receptive to maximise success results and litter size.

We do not use restrictive handling at all and the welfare of both dogs is priority.

The mating procedure should not be a stressful one for the dogs or the handlers!.

Artificial insemination is no longer legal in the UK unless performed by a Vet so we no longer offer an insemination service.
We are happy to ship Semen to your vet for insemination if you prefer this to natural mating.

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Location: Nottingham, England UK

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