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Cytology by Mail

Here's how it works

Step 1 : We will send you a swab kit and instructions on how to take the swab from your bitch.

Step 2:  you will return the completed swab slides to us by Next day delivery mail/

Step 3: We will stain and then read the slides advising you if you need to retest or if your bitch is ready to mate. if a retest is needed another kit will be dispatched to you.

Cost of this service is £35..00 Initial test.

Additional test will cost £25.00 each

We recommend you start testing from day 9 of your bitches season, if you bitch has previously been unpredictable in her seasons or failed to conceive you may wish to test earlier.

Semen Checking

We are able to perform a simple visual check of semen under the microscope to check for visual abnormalities such as low/no sperm count, lack of motility.



In June 2023 the RCVS declared AI to be a veterinary procedure with no exception for trained laymen so at this time we are unable to ofer this service.
Vizslas are a natural mating breed so AI normally 
isnt required

Ultrasound scanning

Pregnancy confirmation ultrasound carried our from 30 days post mating.
We are happy to estimate as to the size of the litter but not to give precise numbers!

Cost of ultrasound scanning is

FREE to those who have used our dogs at stud,

£25.00 to others.

E-Mail us for more information

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